Telaway Prepaid USA SIM card
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Prepaid SIM card with unlimited USA and UK calling, follow-me number and unlimited data plan.
- Unlimited calls within the USA (incoming and outgoing!)
- Unlimited SMS in the USA
- Unlimited calls to Canada
- Unlimited SMS to Canada
- Unlimited data (up to 4GB at 4G speeds)!
- Your choice of SIM card sizes: full-sized, micro and nano.
- A phone! The Telaway SIM card is meant to be used with a smartphone that you already own! We do not provide phone rentals.
- BlackBerry data services (BBM, etc): Currently unavailable.
- Service calls:Your plan may not be able to call paid services (such as Information, party lines and so on)
A SIM card is the chip inside your mobile device that tells it which network to use. At home in the UK, your mobile probably has an Orange, T-Mobile, O2 or other SIM card.
The great thing is, when you fly to the USA, you can use your phone from home with an American SIM card! That's the Telaway product, an American SIM card with value-added services for our UK customers.


Happy Telaway Customers Share Their Stories

What was your biggest concern before your trip regarding using our Telaway SIM?
"It worked perfectly fine, no problems at all! Touched down in NY & then later in Miami, and it connected straight away and I was able to make calls back to U.K. effortlessly. The unlimited data was really handy for using maps while travelling around. Would definitely recommend this service, and will use again next time I travel away."

What was the best feature or value of Telaway?
"Being able to access family in the U.K. Whenever I wanted to with no worries at all, and not have any concerns about what it might cost, or whether I will get any unexpected bills! Also the fact that the service does exactly as it is advertised, and basically insert the sim & go!"

J.B | London, UK | March 2017

Planning a vacation in the USA? Say no to roaming! Telaway prepaid USA SIM cards have helped thousands of Canadian travellers get unlimited calling, data and more on their American trip.
Telaway - helping travellers since 1999. Let us know how we can help you.


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